Maarten van den Bossche (1984, Belgium)

From: Beyond the Pines, 2014

Maarten van der Bossche studied photography in Belgium. His photography is a continuing search for collective and individual identities in which he mostly fictionalizes himself. Far from urbanized, easy accessible and dense places, he visualizes the symbolic emptiness of remote areas that move between real fiction and fictive reality. As a former theater stage builder, he creates out of numerous separate digital images new photographic worlds in which identity and reality become elastic entities. In the photographs presented here he envisions a journey through rough, vast, ‘hidden’ landscapes during which a close relationship is formed between a man and his sheep. But also mans need for odysseys, wandering through inaccessible terrain and the smallness of man in the vastness of the landscape. These highly skilled images are filled with details and a feast for the eyes for all those who pay attention.

Borgman & Borgman (Nieuwe Rijn 41)