Renate Beense (1975, the Netherlands)

Gewoon Pa, 2014

Renate Beense studied photography in Amsterdam and her work has been exhibited in the Netherlands, Buenos Aires and Tokyo. She says her family, the most important topic in her photography, taught her how important humor and laughter is when faced with tragedies. For the series Gewoon Pa (Just Dad) Renate documents her life with her chain smoking, poetry writing, newspaper collecting, naked sunbathing, social and anti-social dad who she admires but also finds annoying. Maybe that is because people always say how much alike they are. Her candid photographs are filled with humor but also reveal the special bond between a father and his daughter and the vulnerability of existence. When you get older keeping up appearances becomes less important, making your loved ones smile all the more so.

Kunsthuis Leiden (Hartesteeg 2b)