Alfonso Almendros (1981, Spain)

Still life with mother, 2010
From: Family Reflections, 2010 – 2013

Alfonso is a Spanish photographer who studied art and photography in Italy, Hungary and Spain. He lives in Helsinki and taught photography in Managua, Nicaragua. His photographs are often autobiographical and about how certain incidents or events have shaped his life. The death of his father when he was just two years old was one of these events. Having no memories of his father and certain events shown in family pictures he created his own memories. This lead to the beautiful series Family Reflections. These dark, haunting, symbolic images, in which he portrayed his mother, brother and other relatives, reflect self-construction of the past, volatility of memories as well as the transience of life an and the passing of those we loved.

Galerie Frederiek van der Vlist (Nieuwe Rijn 26)